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Golden Spiral Prep

Customized tutoring for GMAT/GRE & SAT/ACT


  • 18+ years tutoring students for SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT

  • MA in Math Education from Columbia University

  • BA in English Literature from Georgetown University

  • Worked for Kaplan Test Prep, The Princeton Review, and Varsity Tutors

  • Well-versed in the curricula of Veritas Prep, Magoosh, Manhattan Prep, and TTP

  • 8 years experience teaching high school math in classroom setting

  • 5+ years experience in virtual/video tutoring

About Marie



What makes a good test taker?

You need a great coach.

Often parents tell me that their children experience test taking anxiety and feel too flustered to perform at their full potential. These tests put an enormous amount of pressure on students and, more often than not, that pressure works detrimentally. A low score can make students feel bad about themselves, and that stress can contribute to their anxiety.

How do you turn that around?​

Being a good prep tutor means more than just going through practice test after practice test with students. I reduce test-taking anxiety by giving my students the tools and knowledge to feel more confident. 


My proven formula consists of:

  • Building their content knowledge in each subject.

  • Familiarizing them with the different question styles so they clearly understand what is being asked.

  • Showing them how answers are designed to trap them and how to avoid those pitfalls.

  • Helping my students realize these tests are just a game, and like any game, practice and exposure will make them more confident and successful.


As their confidence increases, they can turn their anxiety into productive energy: competitiveness.





"Marie is an amazing tutor, and she helped me achieve my goal of a 1500+ level score on the SAT. Marie's tips, teaching, and strategies were top-notch. I could not have achieved this goal without Marie's help!!!”

Simon B.


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